Tom Watkins Park

Tom Watkins Park offers a nice, full 18-hole Disc-Golf course that has some challenging holes with trees and elevation obstacles. If you’re ready for a step above beginner level, this one’s for you!

Oak Grove Park

Oak Grove Park has a great entry level course if you’ve never tried Disc Golf before. There aren’t many obstacles making this a great place to learn the sport and have fun!

McBride Park

McBride Park offers a great beginners Disc Golf course. With few obstacles, this wide open park is a lot of fun if you’re just getting started.

Disc Golf at Lake Springfield Park

The Lake Springfield Disc Golf Course opened in the Fall of 2021. This 18-hole professional-level course is designed to bring new recreation opportunities to Lake Springfield Park, incorporating into the natural landscape with minimal visual impact. While it’s a bit more difficult for beginners, it offers a nice viewing experience.