Things to Do

The best way to Celebrate Springfield is to enjoy our city on your own time. Use the filter below to learn about the number of activities you can do in Springfield, no matter how much time you have! With so many opportunities available, you’re sure to find something you and your family will enjoy!

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Fish at Fellows Lake Marina

Fellows Lake Marina has all the bait and tackle you need to enjoy some time spent fishing in the Ozarks! While you’re there, consider taking a hike on their trails or rent a boat to see a bit more of this beautiful spot.

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Kayak & Canoe at Lake Springfield Park and Boathouse

Lake Springfield Park and Boathouse Lake Springfield is over 300 acres, offering plenty of water to cover! With rentals available at the Boathouse, it’s an easy spot to just show up ready for a relaxing adventure.

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Kayak & Canoe at Fellows Lake Marina

Fellows Lake Marina offers a beautiful space for one that is looking to get outside. The lake itself is 860 acres, allowing plenty of opportunities to get away and go explore.

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Kayak & Canoe at The James River Water Trail

The James River Water Trail is 6-mile route from Joe Crighton Access to Springfield Lake boathouse. The water trail has a gentle pace and offers a great opportunity for the family to get outside!

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Tom Watkins Park

Tom Watkins Park offers a nice, full 18-hole Disc-Golf course that has some challenging holes with trees and elevation obstacles. If you’re ready for a step above beginner level, this one’s for you!

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Oak Grove Park

Oak Grove Park has a great entry level course if you’ve never tried Disc Golf before. There aren’t many obstacles making this a great place to learn the sport and have fun!

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McBride Park

McBride Park offers a great beginners Disc Golf course. With few obstacles, this wide open park is a lot of fun if you’re just getting started.

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Disc Golf at Lake Springfield Park

The Lake Springfield Disc Golf Course opened in the Fall of 2021. This 18-hole professional-level course is designed to bring new recreation opportunities to Lake Springfield Park, incorporating into the natural landscape with minimal visual impact. While it’s a bit more difficult for beginners, it offers a nice viewing experience.

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Bike & Hike on Dirt 66 Trails at Fellows Lake

Dirt 66 Trails at Fellows Lake While Fellows Lake itself offers a plethora of activities in its beautiful setting, the trails here are the best our city has to offer for new mountain bikers. Much of the trail is considered beginner level, while some of the downhill is more intermediate. It’s easy to pick a section to ride, and come back another day for some new dirt!

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Bike at Sac River Mountain Bike Trails

Sac River Mountain Bike Trails This 300-acre Springfield-Greene County city park offers over 14 miles of interconnecting single-track trail through the woods in northwest Springfield. Built by volunteers in 1996, it’s popular with mountain bikers from beginner to advanced, and for trail running and hiking too. The perimeter trail is about 2 miles, and a cell phone tower marks the northeast corner of the perimeter.

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